My beaches

I actually live about 10 miles from the beach and I don’t go often anymore - a hazard of living here it’s not as exciting - but, Feministmama’s beach pix made me think how pretty they can be. Oh…I live sorta near Laguna Beach hence the houses on the cliffs.

And a pretty pier sunset. :wink:

How pretty! I hope to see a beach one day…Well, in real life…lol…

Those of us who live near salt water of any kind are a lucky bunch, aren’t we? :wink: I can’t imagine living inland…land-locked, surrounded by other states…and not having the coast at my side!

But I know each State has its own beauty! And wherever we live, we can all LOOK UP and see the magnificent ‘upwards’ view!

Beautiful pictures :slight_smile: We do not see much beach her London lol .
Thanks for sharing Jan:thumbsup:

I was telling my son that very same thing one day as we were leaving his sailing class this summer. (We don’t live right on the shore but it is only a 20 minute drive from our house.) I spent 4 weeks taking him to Longshore Sailing School in Westport, CT and since his class was only 3 hours long, instead of driving back home and returning to pick him up, I’d pack a lunch, my camera, and laptop and spend my afternoon by LI Sound.

Longshore Park is a town park and there is a pool, golf course and marina there besides the sailing school. I’m not a Westport resident so I couldn’t use the pool and I don’t play golf but there was free wifi access, places to walk and explore and picnic tables overlooking the water.

It was so much fun. Some days I’d even rent a kayak and go exploring on the water. I saw tons of interesting shorebirds, fish and crabs. You can see my pictures on my blog if you click on through the last week of July and first 3 weeks of August on my calendar.

Or you can see them on my flickr site here and here.

Beautiful pics. I would love to live close to the ocean. My son lived on Malibu beach for a while and it was wonderful to go to sleep listening to the waves hitting the shore.

BEAUTIFUL pictures :inlove: Love the last one of the orange sunset:woot:

I’ve lived in CA, in the Bay Area and Santa Barbara, so there was plenty of access to beaches or just water. Then I lived for over 20 years in N Idaho. 10 of them were next to a river and we had beaches in the summer when the water dropped. Then I moved to town on the lake that the river flowed into. It’s a big lake, large enough to sail on, and the major city park is right on the shore, which is called City Beach. Spent a lot of time there.

<sigh> I miss the beach…

Ooo, what beautiful pictures Jan and zkimom!

:passedout: Those pictures are beautiful! I think I need a vacation. . . :teehee:

I live a mile and a half from the beach here in the UK. we moved here 5 years ago because I fell in love with the beach but now that we are here we hardly ever go near it.

Beautiful pictures, Jan.

I lived in Laguna for quite a while. Still miss it, but we’re just an hour away from usable beach here, so it’s not so bad, as we go quite often now.

Those are beautiful pictures, Jan. I live in Savannah, not that far from the beach but we hardly go. I used to live in Chicago, right on the shores of Lake Michigan. I went to the beach more there! I guess you get used to what you see daily and don’t “see” it anymore.

I thought about that when I was in the Beautiful Andes Mtns in CHile. I was amazed by the majestic mtns but I thought about the people there who saw it daily. I would bet they would be stunned at the site of Chicago.

I went back to Chicago a few years ago and I was stunned all over again.


Those are absolutely gorgeous pics! Thanks for sharing!


Oops! I left something out of my post.

Jan – I was concentrating so hard on following your instructions for inserting a picture in a post that I forgot to tell you what great shots you posted!

My family got to travel to CA this summer (San Fran area, mostly) and I love, love, love the Pacific Coast. Bad timing for much beach fun. It was downright chilly by the water with all that fog.


Just breath taking!!!

Thank you so much, everyone! I’m sort of an amateur photographer…haven’t done much since I started knitting though. :shifty:

It’s often chilly and foggy on the coast in the northern part of the state so that’s pretty normal. Down here it’s much warmer usually, but any beach is subject to marine influences. :wink: Next time try southern CA. :wink:

Your pictures were beautiful, too!

SoCal beaches are better, huh? What about `June Gloom’? :teehee:

Mark Twain did say once, “the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco”. But September and October are gorgeous, hot even. And that goes for coastal S. Cal too.

Um…I didn’t say they were better overall, just better weather for the most part and I did say that all beaches were subject to marine influences. :wink: Fortunately ‘June Gloom’ usually only lasts for a few months. :thumbsup: I actually LOVE northern CA beaches, but I wouldn’t want to sunbathe on one usually…too cold for me most of the time. :wink:

Yes, that sunbathing thing would be pretty tough to do. No one back here in Connecticut believed that after a chilly July romp on the beach in Carmel, we headed back to the hotel to sit by a gas fireplace with a glass of sherry to warm up!