My baby problem (fo and wip)

i started kintting this up for my sister who is going to have a baby boy soon, i didnt tell her as i didnt think i could do anything complex( im still quite lame when it comes to knitting) any way i was doing realy well i only got the pattern and yarn on friday and all ready have done back both frounts and part of one arm. im totaly in love i was realy exited about giving it to my sister …but then i went around to baby sit her other kids(6 7th on the way) and while i was tidying up i found a knitted jumper that morgans (the one year old) nanna had knitted it was so lovely and cute at one time now left in a pile of washing that is now coverd in mold! just left out side the washing she ment to bring in months ago! such a waste. now i know this sounds wrong and mean but after all that work just to be left to rot i dont want my cardi that i have worked so hard on to end up the same! so now… i dont want to give her it. its my first real thing! but then again its not the babys falt so he should still get his gift… oh what to do what to do? any way hears a pic.

I think you should put what you saw to the back of your mind.

You started making this for the baby . So carry on and give it too her.

Maybe the other one had been grown out of.

I am sure that your sister will appreciate that you took the time and effort to do this.

I know it is difficult when we make things and they are just cast aside after all our hard work .
I tend to make shawls and blankets for my friends and they are always used.

Try not to worry about it.

That’s too bad- because the new baby could have worn the hand-knitted gift that got mold on it. :frowning:

That’s a tough one. I think I would go ahead and give the sweater as an expression of love for your sister and the new baby, knowing that it probably won’t be well cared for. You have the enjoyment of knitting it, and she gets the pleasure of receiving such a special gift. I think beyond that you just have to let it go. It’s very thoughtful of you to put so much time and effort into a baby gift, and to babysit for her six (!) children, too. What a great sister you are!

I have always believed that giving a gift means giving without expectations. My mil used to put things I would buy her for her birthday or Christmas out in yard sales brand new!!! I did get my feelings hurt, but I learned a couple lessons. For one, I started making her personal things, ie cross-stitch stuff with her name on it and such so she had to keep it. One of the things I made for her was a large cross-stitch picture entitled “His Mother.” It was a poem about her bringing up my husband into the man he had become. She has been dead 18 years now but when we went into her home to finish things up, I found this picture hanging on the wall. That framed cross-stitch picture hangs in my stairwell next to a picture of her. The old saying, “The gift is in the giving” means just that. What your gift is really about is not the gift itself but the expression of love from the maker and the giver. Finish the garment, give it with love and know that no matter what happens to it, you did something for the joy of giving to someone you love!

I agree with the below :thumbsup:

I can’t wait to see it finished!! :happydance:

That is so sad such a waste and when you think of all the love that was put into knitting it you could cry.
Having said that you are knitting this for a new little baby… If every one thought along those lines it could end up with no knitted garments and that would be such a shame.xx

Thats so sad.
Maybe tell her something like, “Whew, this was a job! It was a hard thing to knit, but each and every stitch has my love in it”.

Then maybe she will think twice about letting it get ruined?

Sometimes I think that people who don’t knit or don’t make things by hand, that they don’t really know how much time and love and trouble goes into them!

Cant wait to see this little sweater when it’s finished.

PS: 6 kids! WOW! No wonder she let the laundry go!

Looks like you are doing a great job. The color is just right for a boy too.:cheering:
Hopefully it being her sister’s knitting, she will treasure it more. Try to take a picture of the baby wearing it as soon as you give it. That way you will always have memories of how sweet your little nephew looked in it.:thumbsup:

thanks for all the replys your right i just got upset as she distorys everything give her hand made or not any way its for baby lee not her and he will look so cute in it!!! i will take a pic but hes not due till feb(i thought it would take me much longer) thanks you lot. im gonn have it done by next week hopefully show u pics then.:knitting:

I am one of those people who finds things I treasure, ruined by my lapses of attention. My house is chaotic, dissorganized, and I am TOTALLY overwhelmed each time I go to work on it.
It makes me CRAZY, and I have spent MUCH time beating myself up about things I should have done better.
noneof this means I do not Cherish the gifts I have been given, or that I have found EXACTLY what I wanted.