My annual sock is done

Ah, knitting socks takes me so long but once I’m done I’m pretty happy. I always have one going on so I won’t forget how to do it.
Nancy’s Socks by Wendy Johnson, Toe-Up, 2-at-a-time. I used Lion Brand Sock-Ease, Color is Cotton Candy. I really like working with this yarn. The pattern is fairly simple. Now just waiting for a recipient. Meanwhile, I enjoy looking at it and it gives me motivation.

Look! I did it. I successfully posted a topic with a link and photos on this New KittingHelp Forum. :smile:

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Beautiful socks! :heart_eyes:

Lucky recipient! That’s a beautiful pair, well worth the work of a year.


Very beautiful effect using the “Cotton Candy” with that wonderful
fluffy rib. To quote NlgeW, “Stunning” !

OK…THAT’S IT !! I have walked by that Lion Cotton Candy Skein giving it a passing glance.
But now that I have seen in action, I am going to make a matching brioche Hat & scarf
set for a skier I know ! They will go crazy when they see those colors come to life on the
slopes !! This cotton candy really loves being knitted into big ribs !!
Thanks to your talent of color & style visualization, you just sold 5 skeins of Lion brand yarn.
Hopefully, your commission check is in the mail !! LOL

Thank you everyone for the nice comments, I feel so inspired by them all.

Wolfie: Especially thanks for your comments on my talent & style and I appreciate it. But I don’t really have either of them. I’m so glad you bought the yarn too and I can’t wait to see the finished projects. Please do post them.


Beautiful socks.

I haven’t ventured into the sock realm yet so I’m very jealous

What lovely socks! I like SockEase. I think it wears longer than others I’ve used. I need to get it in Cotton Candy.

@KnittingDonna me neither, I look at heel flap instructions and just think, nah… :smile:

Oh, Evie, give it a try. There are some wonderful sock videos online. I especially like Liat Gat.
Silver’s Sock Class is also a classic tutorial.

We’ll be happy to help out whenever you decide to give it a go.

Thank you, it’s the pick up and knit that confuses me!

Maybe practice it on a swatch. It comes in handy for so many projects.

I’ve made many of these little socks which teach you some of the techniques that you need for larger socks.

Evie, I do socks all the time and have yet to do a pick up and knit on a heel flap. The pattern linked has a “faux” heel flap. I use it a lot. I also do the Fleegle heel, no PU&K on it either. There are afterthought heels too. So. If PU&K is your only excuse…
I suggest doing your first pair in a worsted weight to get accustomed to doing the toe and heel and have them for slipper socks. After that go to finer yarn and skinny needles.

@KnittingDonna @Evie I agree with GG. Do a pair with worsted to get a feel for how it works. The heels seem hard, but are magical. That first worsted pair can be slipper sox.

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:smile: ok ok, I’ll start a pair of socks! Lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I might use that as my project over Christmas (we’re away for a week in a cottage… I can justify buying more yarn then as I’ll have used some of my mountain I have at home… or maybe I already have some in actually… hmmm) I do need to give it a go; it I fail it’s just something I’ll have to go back to again later on.

Thankyou for the advice


Good for you, KnittingDonna,
Just go for it!

I started out with knitting socks with 4 dpn, one sock as a time, then I found two-at-a-time with circular needle top-down, then another discovery two-at-a-time with circular needle toe-up. I love this method the most. :thumbsup: I’m slow at it but enjoying the process. So you’ll just have to find a method you enjoy knitting socks. As you can see there are many ways to knit socks and there’s crochet too.

Just have fun!
~ Quik

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@Quik I saw the 2 socks on 1 set of dpns as well, can’t wait to try it!