My almost finished hat!

This is my first hat, knit in the round using a slip stitch pattern with stripes. Unfortunately, it might stay like this. I just don’t know if I should get more yarn.

Its looking good! Love the stripes!

Not enough to finish? Oh no! Maybe if you decrease really quickly you can get away with it?

The hat is very cute! Do you have another color for the finish? Maybe you could do som duplicate stitches elsewhere on the hat to tie in the third color.

Love the slip stitch pattern and the colors – very pretty!

All I have left is an 8inch tail and 32 stitches left on the needles. I went to the website I ordered the yarn from originally, and they are out of stock! Drats!

I love it, sorry it’s not as you like. I’m with everyone else, another color perhaps?

Oh, I do like it, I’m just disapointed I didn’t estimate yarn yardage correctly! I was thinking another color, but not sure what would look right with these two?

You could do another color to finish and add a little edging around the brim of the same color! Hold the hat up around various things in the house until you find a color you like with it. Sometimes it can be something surprising that looks fun!

Lovely job… it looks so soft!

Mama Bear

good idea, mama bear! I will have to see what I have that might match!

I hope you can work out the yarn issue, it’s a pretty hat!

It is a lovely hat!!

Wow, very nice!! :cheering:

How do you do slip stich pattern (please no abbreviation, I’m french from Québec and have a lot of trouble understanding with only letters)

I don’t know if you like pom poms at the top but you could end with the other color and then add a pom pom with that color.

Where did you get the pattern, I love the hat! :cheering:

The pattern is something I made up as I went along. I plan to post the pattern onmy blogin the next week or two. I will make sure to include explanation of any abbreviations for you, peanuts 017

Thanks so much, I’ll check back and get it, I think that might be the first thing I make for myself. (By the way my head is big too 23 inches :eyebrow: guess we both have big brains)

omg ok I’m tired…I saw the hat and thought oh she knit fake hair onto the bottom what a good idea! SOORRY! Love the hat it’s very cool!

Ok, so the pattern is here.

I tried my best at making it as clear as possible, but because I am new at writing patterns, there may be something that is confusing. So let me know!

Thanks for the pattern, it is clearly written, I should be able to make it … but I need to go through my other projects first!!!