My 7 year old wants to knit something

He asked me to show him how to knit last night and I did. I showed him the knit stitch and he did great. Now he wants to make something.

Anyone have any ideas on a very simple pattern appropriate for a beginner child?

Most of my needles are circs so that would be good. And something that only involved the knit stitch. Oh and since he’s a boy it’d be great if it wasn’t something too girly.

I would prolly start him out with a scarf… he can do that all in knit stitch… he can use the circs as straights too… although it might be easier for him if he had some larger straights… :cheering: it is wonderful that he wanted to learn!!!

yeah i would have to say a straight-up garter stitch scarf with nice straight needles!!!

That’s so cool! My 7 year old son wants to knit too. :cheering:
My DH is not too keen on it because it’s not a “boy’s” activity. But whatever! My son wants to learn, so “Here’s the needles, boy! Have at it!” :teehee:

I tried starting him on one of those plastic circle knitting wheel things, but he wants to knit like Mom. So I think I will buy him some big plastic needles. Maybe a size 10? :??

My ds was using size 8 circs and I couldn’t believe how fast he caught on. Thanks for the scarf idea. I’ll have him knit himself a nice scarf. He’ll be so thrilled.