My 5000th Post LOL

I’ve been watching my post count and thought this was a red letter occasion. :woot:


:cool: Yippee Yay for you!! :woot::happydance:

:notworthy: :balloons: :clink: Here’s to you!

:thumbsup: :knitting: :woohoo:

:yay: Very cool!

Mine is a tad high… guess I’m a chatterbox sometimes.:zombie:

Lots of good advice and beautiful projects. Here’s to 5000 more!


Mine is a tad high… guess I’m a chatterbox sometimes

Yeah, you are, haven’t caught up to you yet… :wink:

Congratulations! Your knitting is exquisite, and your helpful replies are always right on! I don’t write comments when others have already expressed my views, but maybe I should (?).


Uh, well, I think you used a few k of yours helping me! Marigold and everyone here have helped me more than I can say. Actually, I don’t think I can count that far. :wink:

You’ve used a few thousand just helping me. :thumbsup:

Ya’ll are great and Marigold, you have helped me a lot! :grphug:

:thumbsup: WTG!!! Keep 'em coming.

I did join almost a year before you… Yeah, that’s it…:teehee:

My hat is definitely off to the standbys on here-- Ingrid, Sue and Jan. I don’t think any of us can ever catch you. How could we when you keep on serving at an amazing rate. And I believe salmonmac is on a trajectory to pass me up before long. I’ve been a member since 2007 and she only since 2010 and she is already more than half way to 5000.

Jan I see you are tops for talkativeness. Thanks for all you do to help and encourage. Ditto to Sue and Ingrid! :muah: :hug:

Yep, probably is…