My 5 yo is knitting!

When I got my kids home from school today, my 5 yo insisted that I teach her how to knit “the right way”. Up until now, I have only showed my kids how to do loom knitting, since that is a bit easier for them to do alone. Well, I gave in and got out a pair of needles (10" straight aluminum) and a partial skein of acrylic and sat down to show her how to do it. I cast on some stitches, and knit slowly the first row so she could see how it was done, then sat her in my lap to get her going. I put her hands on the needles and then held her hands for the first couple stitches, then had her start to do it more, with just me helping. By the next row, she was doing it all by herself! Now, not to say that she doesn’t need some help now and then, but she is now sitting alone and giving it a go. Not too bad for being only 5 years old.

Awesome! I taught my six year old to knit about…two months ago I wanna say. It’s a little convienent she lost her scarf one day at the store and guess what she gets to make a new one. She’s getting better but she was having problems making sure that she didn’t drop stitches. I did not start her on loom knitting she insisted on getting the ‘kid’ knitting needles those ones that lion brand makes. I think the next step is for me to teach her how to purl on gosh

Too cool:cheering: :thumbsup:

That is great! I wish I would have learned at that age…might have to sign her up for a Charity Blanket…:sun:

When I first saw the title of this thread, I couldn’t figure out how 5 yarn overs were knitting… doh :doh: took me a minute.

Yay! Your daughter is doing great! :slight_smile: I taught my 6 year old daughter how to knit ‘the real way’ first… she’s pretty good at it, but saw a friend loom knitting and wants to do that now. :slight_smile:

That’s so cute…

i haven’t been here for an age … took myself back off to Uni…

My kids just put orders in don’t share the interest in knitting…

Except my son has a short flirt occasionally with finger knitting…

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A regular Laura Ingalls Wilder. Good for her. I hope she keeps at it.

Thats amazing. You must be thrillled!