My 2yodd pulled the needle out

I was knitting a sock, and I was a few rows into the toe decreases when my 2yo pulled one of the needles out. (I was using one circular).:doh:

All the little loops kept sucking back into the knitting when I tried to get them back on, and it got in a big mess. So I decided to do the inserting another circular cable needle in the row below, but since there were decreases I couldn’t work out how to do it. I had watched the video where it says just pick up the right loop of each stitch. So I ended up inserting it in the bit before I had started the decreases and ripping the whole toe bit out.

Question: is there a better way? How do you insert a needle into rows below when there are decreases or a pattern to complicate things? Could I have done it without using this trick, as in just reinsert the needle somehow- she hadn’t pulled any out, it just started undoing when I tried to get the needle back in- those little tiny loops kept escaping!

Today was the first day I actually cried over my knitting. :cry: I know it’s not that big of a disaster, just a few rounds of a sock, I just haven’t been feeling well anyway.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Try using a smaller needle to pick up the sts. They do seem to shrink the moment the needle is out.

Fixing decreases or increases is tricky…spend time on every project looking at your knitting. Learning to read your knitting and what a completed de/increase looks like is a good thing to know… and does come with practice. The nice thing to know is that with sock decreases, just go one row back and it’s a knit even round

Invest in point protectors for your needles, keeps little ones, animals, impatient spouses from grabbing the wrong “handle” and helping you! :teehee: