My 2nd FO- MaryJane Booties

I’m so excited to have my second knit project done. It’s MaryJane Booties.:woot: It’s simple pattern with a few different stitches.

I learn’t a lot of things from this project…one of them is being patient …lol! You can read more details in my blog:


Looks great, and it’s so cute.

Awww those are so cute!

They are so sweet…I have knitted a couple of pairs for friends babies…I just wish you could make them in larger sizes x

REALLY cute!!!

Those are very cute. Good job

aww how cute… they look great :happydance:

Just yummy!

Awww, so cute!

Those are darling! :heart: Love the color, too. :thumbsup:

They’re adorable! I actually have a pair of slippers in MY size that look a lot like that. My mom gave them to me for Christmas a couple of years ago and I believe they’re handknit (not by her, so I don’t know the pattern). I’m sure there’s a larger pattern out there, or you can modify it for bigger feet.

Those are so sweet! :heart:

If anyone does adapt to a larger size i would appreciate the pattern Thanks

sooooooo cute!

Good job ! Be proud of yourself

Cute, cute, cute

I love that style. Very pretty