My 2nd FO: baby hat

Bare in mind this is only my second FO!

very cute and I like the bi-colored pompom!

That is just so adorable. Super job.

:woot: Great job!!

Thanks!!! It was what I expected to be a “messy-try-it-anyway” project, but it turned out well!!

Very nice hat ! Nice job :slight_smile:

Great job!! The hat is very cute.

Cute hat!

That looks great. You are doing extremely well for a beginner.

So adorable! What kind of yarn did you use?

Thanks guys! All I know is that the yarn is double knit. 100% Acrylic.

I’d bought 12 x 100mg balls (6 cornflower yellow, 6 white) to make my 1st FO, baby blanket… that was what the pattern said I needed… it’s taken 1 and half balls to do it completely :roflhard:

So I got heaps leftover to try other stuff :woot:

Adorable and the color is wonderful, I just love it!

Thank you! I do love the colour of yellow, not everyone’s taste, but I love it!