My 2nd "Brea Bag" Question - Please help!


I am making the Brea bag from Berocco and have completed by the front and back. My question to anyone who can help is I’m stuck on the following:

“Inc Row (RS): Work 1, M1, work to last st, M1, work 1-10 sts. Work 7 rows even, then rep Inc Row, working incs into Moss St - 12 sts. Mark beg and end of last row.”

I don’t understand the “work” part of it or the “work even”.

Anyone who has made this bag or just even knows what this translates to, please help me!

Thanks so much & have a wonderful holiday!


Work means knit or purl according to the pattern - so the first stitch depends on whichever row you’re on in the pattern. Work even means to knit the pattern without making any increases or decreases.

Thanks, Suzeeq!