My 2nd Booga Bag: Re-felted 7/13

Hi y’all!

Here’s my latest FO. It’s the Black Sheep Booga Bag. I made it using Noro Kureyon #188. I’m proud of it because it’s my second project knitted completely with the Continental method (I’ve always knitted English style).

My sister saw it pre-felting (but she saw my other bag, same pattern, that I always use as my regular purse). She loved it and requested one for Christmas.
Anyhow, thanks for looking! :muah:


Very nice! Did you find this yarn very hard to felt completely? I made a bag and never did get it totally felted because the bag would have been too small.

I’m not sure what you mean by “completely.” This is only the second thing I’ve felted, so I’m not sure if I’ve actually completely felted one before. I let it go until the stitches lost their knitted “look.” Is this right? Hmmm…what would I look for? Since I’m planning on making another one, I would really love to know.

:inlove: gorgeous! great job! :inlove: :cheering:

188 has been my fave for a long time… all those purples/pinks with a touch of moss/olive… mmmmmmmmmm
I finally finished a bag with it.

You know, I didn’t really like the color while I was knitting with it, but I like it much better since it’s been felted.

I think it’s gorgeous! I love those colors.

Gorgeous colorway! :inlove:

Nice job on Booga bag:cheering: They are kind of addicting aren’t they?:teehee:

Beautiful colours!

Great job on the booga !

That is so pretty!

Pretty! I never had any plans to make a Booga, but I made a little felted bag for my niece (just something I threw together) and my sister said she was going to steal it. I figured I’d make her a bag of her own. It was so quick and easy, I wouldn’t mind making another.

Ok…so I wasn’t completely happy with the finished product. The purse was just too stretchy.

So I stuck it back in the washing machine and felted it for another 20 minutes. That did the trick! It shrunk three inches, and the yarn thickened up considerably. I’m so much happier!

Here’s a picture…


It seems much tighter after the second felting. Nice bag!

I really like those colors!! Great job…I can’t wait to felt something…

Yes, it sure did. That’s why I like it much better than before!

Thanks for the nice comments! :muah:

It’s just beautiful!

Great job!:cheering:

Looks great! Love those colors. The booga is the only project I use continental knitting on since it’s just round and round and I don’t have to worry so much about my tension.