My 2 completed projects

Hi . .some of you wonderful women may remember helping me recently with an attached I-cord. Well, I did it a little differently than the pattern instructed, but it turned out really well.
I knitted a bag for my 8 yr old daughter.

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Then I went ahead and attempted some wool soakers for my 7 month old daughter using the Punk Knitters pattern. I LOVE how they turned out!!!

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I just started another pair for my 21 month old daughter. I’m going SO much faster this time. YAY!!!

Knitting is VERY addicting!!!

Thanks for letting me share. :smiley:

You have adorable girls! Was that purse made for that specific outfit? The colors (at least on my screen) match so well!

Nice job! :thumbsup:

Very nice! Your daughters look very pleased :wink:

Thank you!

No, actually I made the bag and when I told my daughter I wanted to get a pic of her with it, she ran upstairs and changed her shirt and hair barrettes to match. :roflhard:

Thank you too!!

Yes, they are very pleased. I just need to think of something to knit for my 3 yr old son . . that’ll be a challenge for me. :wink:

You actually have TIME to knit with four little ones? I’m impressed!! Love those soakers–so cute!!! and your daughters are adorable–I noticed that your oldest had the matching top with the bag, that is too cute that she had to go change first!

Your children are precious!!! Love, Love your FOs :thumbsup:

Cute bag and the soaker looks great! Your daughters are beautiful!

HAHAHA- Yes, I knit when they’re in bed . . . when we are all watching a movie together . . .while nursing the little ones . . . :XX:
I find the time. I just wish I had more time as it is SO very addicting!! :smiley:

Cute bag and the soaker looks great! Your daughters are beautiful!

Thank you ladies!! :smiley:

Pretty bag (and recipient)!

Punk soakers…too funny! :rofling: Cute little soakerette too!