My 2 cents on wooden square circs

Using a US9 wood needle to knit up another stash scarf.

:wall: Ran into a wall with the delicate fingering on a US9 nickel-plated needle. Even Harmony’s were too heavy for this yarn, this pattern stitch, this size needle.

A while back I had the same issue. Having a devil of a time controlling the stitches. I think the issue arises when you’re using a BIG needle size for the skinny yarn. Fingering doesn’t like to be knit with a US9 or bigger. Not at all.

So I remembered reading about control issues, and that square needles can help alleviate the slipperiness.
So I purchased a few sizes from WEBS:

The Knitter’s Pride [B]Cubics[/B], fixed circ…the needle itself is square. They are really helping a lot. The Mini Mochi fingering with a US9 is a slippery slope. The wooden, square-shaped needles have allowed me to regain complete control of the stitches. Try them sometime. WEBS sells them. They are akin to the Kollage square circs. Kollage’s are high grade aluminum, and quite a bit more expensive. For me, the less expensive wooden Cubics are just right. I won’t use them except in slippery, lacy scarf situations like this.

I am glad I made the investment. The needles are lightweight, too. They don’t fall out of the stitches. Yay. :wink: