I have been so afraid to make anything that wasn’t a square or rectangle. Now I ask myself . . . WHY?

This was a super easy pattern (from Patterfish Reynolds 82093) and I learned something about myself as a knitter. I knit super tight. Pattern called for 660 yards of Lopi Bulky, (Gauge 10 st.= 4 in. on size 13) using size 11 needles. In order to get the proper gauge I would had to use at least size 13 needles, and then it would have been too loose of a knit.

Instead . . . I used Rowan “Big Wool” (Gauge 8 st.= 4 in. on size 17 or 19) on size 11. I used almost almost all 10 skeins (870 yds.) I had purchased.

At any rate . . . I want to encourage others, who are also afraid, to dive in and go for it! But buy extra yarn, LOL.


That’s beautiful! :yay:

I love your sweater! Was the Rowan Big Wool softer than the Lopi? I think it is a bit scratchy unless there is something else next to your skin. I just had a similar problem with a Lopi cardigan I am making. Had to rip out a foot I knitted because my knitting was tighter than the guage swatch I did. Started over and now I am distracted by other projects. Will get back to it soon. I can hardly believe this is your first sweater.

Bravo :yay: :yay: It turned out beautiful and I love the style. It looks nice and cozy.

Kathy, your sweater is beautiful! Sweaters can be intimidating, but you’ve now been there, done that. Good for you. It looks really great on you…the fit is perfect. Congratulations!

Oh wow Kathi! Your FIRST SWEATER???!!!
It’s stunning in more ways than one: love the yarn, love the color, love the fit, love the perfect st st!

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Kudos to you, Sister!

That sweater is so perfect it doesn’t look hand-knit!!!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


It’s beautiful, and it looks lovely on you. I love that pattern!

Beautiful! Fantastic! Just your size. Easier done than said.
:heart: :muah: :inlove:

Great job! It looks wonderful on you!

Congratulations!!! It turned out awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Great Job! Love the color and it looks great on you. Nothing can stop you now!!!

Great job! Looks so very comfy!

It looks great!!! I’m terrified to knit a sweater… but… maybe one day…

I was also scared to knit my first sweater. Now that I have one completed I have more confidence about myself as a knitter. You did a wonderful job, it’s a beautiful sweater that looks great on you.

but it was knitted for my daughter.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments. They made me feel all fuzzy!


P.S. 3 quarters done with my 1st cardigan, also for my daughter.

Congrats!:cheering: It’s looks great!

That came out GREAT! I love the big sweater look! I have a few sweaters in my Ravelry queue…someday I’ll bite the bullet!

I think it’s great too . . . can’t wait to see a photo of your cardigan!

It’s fantastic! Aren’t you proud of yourself?!