My 1st Soaker - What do you think?

I knit this soaker for my daughter to use on her new baby due 2/15. :happydance:

I tried it on a doll and it seemed to fit - hopefully it will fit the baby!
I am happy with it for my first try!

What do you think?

that’s cute :inlove:

Oh, the cuteness! Is that Paton SWS?

It’s adorable! I’m sure she’ll love it!

That’s cute, love the colors! 2/15 is my birthday too!


It was Patons soy, SWS, if I remember.

Looks great! I love the colors! :heart:

Great job - I love the colors!

I love it :heart:, what beautiful colors!!!

So cute! I :heart: the colors.

:heart: :heart: :heart:
Love it~!

Sweet! She’ll be thrilled.

SWS will felt (shrink) if exposed to hot water… so it might shirink a little !~~

w00t! It’s the punk_knitters pattern! I just finished one of those for my beloved’s grandson. You did good!

Super! :cheering:

Very pretty!

I have got to seam mine up so I can show it off. Thanks for the inspiration.