My 1st FO

So technically this isn’t my 1st FO but my 2nd cause the 1st was messed up :blush: But this one is good and even w/ the one mistake in counting (which I now can’t find) it looks GOOD:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Nice. What does the A stand for?

Audiss…my last name

It looks great!~ :thumbsup:

Very nice! You did a great job!:cheering:

It looks GREAT!

It looks great! Thanks for sharing with us! We loves photos!

It does look great!! Congrats on finishing your “1st” project! I love making wash/dish cloths. They’re so fast and easy and I love being able to try different stitches out. I just finished a set for my daughter’s new kitchen.

Thanks for all the great comments!!! I’ve been on Ravelry queueing TONS more for everyone…not gonna get them ALL done for chirstmas but can get started for new year right!!!cloud9