My 1st ever FO: baby blanket!

That looks great! Could you give us some details - the yarn, the pattern, needle size :wink:

My goodness, you have been busy. There is one lucky baby out there waiting for this blanket. It’s beautiful!

:happydance: It looks wonderful!!

I lost the link to the pattern, but thankfully I’d wrote it down…!

It’s done using 10.5 or 11 size needles. I used some white double knit yarn. 116 or 120 sts (I used 120)

You begin with 10 rows garter St.

Row 1: K7, P until 7 sts left, K7
R2: K
R3: K7, P, K7
R4: K
R5: K7, P, K7
Rows 6-10: K

Repeat Rs 1-10 14 times but end on R5…

10 rows garter St

Cast off.

Ta daaa!! Sorry for not having the link :aww: Hope it’s ok to share though?

Beautiful! That is a luck baby :slight_smile:

That is a lovely blanket:)

It’s beautiful!!

That looks lovely. Great job.

Beautiful! There is going to be one lucky little baby!

What a beautiful blanket!! And your first FO? Awesome work!:woot:

oooooooooo, now that is pretty!
GREAT work! :thumbsup:

Nice job! Reminds me of a blanket my son had when he was a baby.


I’m not doing too badly huh! lol! I did knitting in primary school, but only very small amount of it, and that was approx 16 yrs ago (Gawd I feel old!). I’m amazed at how easily I picked it up again. But it’s thanks to a fantastic beginner (kids!!) book I picked up at a craft show.

And… now DH & I just need to conceive the baby for it lol!

It is just gorgeous! That will be one happy baby!