Must share news

[B]I have a found a new yarn SO SOFT! It’s called VAnna’s Choice by Lion Brand.

I was in JoAnn’s Cratf shop and found it on the end of the isle. I love it. :slight_smile: And this weeks it’s only 2.99 a skein at JoAnn’s…


You will have to let us know how it knits up- I’ve seen it and it has nice colors. :slight_smile:

I just saw that in Michaels here in Canada. Can’t remember the price. You must let us know how it knits up.

I just posted about this yarn as well? great minds!

Hancock fabrics has had it a while as they only carry Lion Brand yarns, and now my Hobby lobby has it too. Feels nice and soft, and very pretty colors.

I thought I’d bump this up. I just got an issue of the Lion Brand newsletter (email) and it has three really cute patterns for toddlers in it, one of which features Vanna’s choice.

It sure feels more like Red Heart to me which is too rough (Simply Soft seems to hold up better to washings without getting any less soft). But Vanna’s Choice colors at my local Michaels, are so pretty!

Has anyone made and washed anything using this yarn?

Just looked it up online, and it is $2.50.

I"ve been wondering about this yarn - the colors are very pretty and the price reasonable.

I tend to shy away from Acrylic yarns, I hate putting all that work into something to have it pill up and beard and look awful. :frowning:

I’d love to hear from someone who’s made, washed and used something from these yarns.

It is 2/$5 at my Joann store. I almost got some because it was so soft… maybe I will go back and get some. =]

My daughter was on the computer yesterday and yelled, “Mom, you have to stop knitting.” I yelled back, “Why?” and she said, “Because Vanna White is knitting now! It’s just wrong!” :roflhard: I guess she likened it to when we went to Michael’s and saw that Martha Stewart was trying to do “goth hallowe’en”!

[B]Yes! I saw that here at my LYS ( Jo Anns ) …

So I have to get there OR just go to JoAnn’ You can always get ANY SHADE you want that way. I think it’s 2.50 for just ths week.[/B]

I must admit I bought some :slight_smile: I like it, knits up pretty well, well for a newbie like me anyway. Have yet to have an issue with it splitting or those funny stray knots I come across and most acrylic yarms I get grrrrr Great price and it’s nice and soft… So I say give it a try!