Must haves for a beginning knitter?

I posted a message earlier, but I am not sure that it worked. So, here goes…

I have decided to take up knitting. Why? Well, it’s wintertime, so I think knitting will help pass the time by the fire. I also started reading the Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries by Anne Canadeo…I know that is a weird reason, but that’s me!

I am wondering about which beginning knitter supplies to request for Christmas: which needles, yarn, storage and carrying container, etc. I found a book called Stitch n’ Bitch which has good reviews. Any other tips or hints?



Welcome to KH!
It’s easier to start out with some smooth yarn (acrylic or wool) and size 8 needles. You can always add needles as you need them for projects and as you figure out which kinds of needles you prefer.
I always carry a small case with a pair of small scissors, a measuring tape, a tapestry needle, assorted markers, an emery board, crochet hook (size E), a row counter and a needle sizer. Some of these things are by no means essential but I like them on hand.

There are some good tips here for getting started, too:

Are you enjoying the Anne Canadeo books?

I love knitting mysteries and novels! Need any new authors and I’ve got some for you! lol

My recommendation to actually start knitting—
smooth, light colored, worsted weight yarn
size 8 needles

These things are good to have in your knitting bag—
small tape measure
small scissors
stitch markers - both for on the needle and locking markers
yarn needle - for weaving in ends
pencil and small notebook - for keeping track of rows and other info you may have
needle sizer

I can provide you with links to my favorite things (like markers) if you want.

A closet full of yarn. Start watching for yarn sales. It doesn’t matter if you have use for it, buy it. If there’s a project you think you might get to in the future, buy the yarn now. I’m not sure why, don’t ask. Everyone else does it. :joy: :wink:


Thanks for all the help! I would like the links to you favorite things,
that would be great!


These are my favorite stitch markers. They don’t snag at all. Mine are medium because that covers the range of needles I use most, but they have other sizes. If these are too pricey or you just want something a small metal ring works, too till you find what you like best.

These Clover lock ring markers are the ones I use for pinning to the fabric if need to for some stitch. Also handy for hanging on a dropped stitch to hold it till you can fix it on the next row or till you tink back. (You can also find coil-less safety pins that work well, but I find I get poked with those. They are usually in the beading section of craft/fabric stores.)

Small retractable tape measure something like this. Doesn’t have to be this one. -

I can’t find the scissors I have, but they are small and have a tip protector on them. I keep them in my knitting bag and the protector is nice so I don’t stab myself every time I reach into my tool bag!

Now to authors. I’ve read most if not all of these authors and liked them. Some are mysteries and some not so check them out on Amazon to see if they sound like something you’d like.

Ann Hood
Debbie Macomber
Kate Jacobs
Gil McNeil
Maggie Sefton
Terri Dulong
Betty Hechtman
Sally Goldenbaum
Anne Canadeo

Circular needles

stitch olders/markers (personally I just use safety pins but markers would be way easier) if you can find some cheap, lightweight small plastic quick release clips they use to hold keys, maybe find at a dollar store or office supply those would work too

big plastic folder and a 3 hole punch (to save printed patterns, the three hole punch can make the holes so you can put it in one of those school binders easily I use mine all the time)

hmm what else, oh some cloth bags or totes to keep your projects in

To this I would say join Ravelry!! Takes up way less space and you can store more info. :wink:

Thanks again! I am looking for a knitting group around here, but I haven’t
had much luck. I asked at my local library, and the librarian said they
used to have one and are looking for someone to lead one. I would do it if
I knew how to knit!!

Talk to you later