:roflhard: Anyone wanna take a gander how much these bad boys will cost if they ever come on the market

kemp had a link to theses a few weeks ago.

i’d say around $800 or so… :thinking: i wouldn’t get them cause it would take all the fun and joy out of knittin natually. thats why i don’t use my moms knitting machine… :—

Ugh! I see nothing fun or joyful about counting!

:roflhard: issues?

That looks pretty cool. I have to wonder though how it wouldn’t make mistakes. I am taking my knitting in and out of my bag so many times a day.

I know… I was kind of wondering how it would handle increases and decreases… especially some of the more intricate ones in lace patterns

I do what I call “almost stitches” a lot… meaning, I have to quickly do a second try at the same stitch because my new stitch yarn slipped off my needle too soon…So I doubt that would work for me lol.

I :heart: :heart: my electronic row counter and wonder what I did before i had it…oh, I remember…always lost count :roflhard: :roflhard: !! But, this new one seems to be a bit of a step up… :wink:

I wouldn’t use them unless I got them as a gift. And even then, rarely if ever. I’m a circular needle fan. :heart:

yeah i don’t think i would know how to hold those! i have never used anything longer than a DPN and even those very rarely. almost all of my work has been on circs or on flex shaft needles.

and i would get miscounts all the time by the way i throw my needles around and play with them between rows!

I’ve been working on the ribbing for a tree frog sweater that I’m making for my g’son. Easy, no-attention-needed stuff. I made the sleeve hems on the circs, and rather than put all the ribbing on one needle, I started the ribbing for the body parts on my straights. When I left this morning, I checked my bag to make sure I had the right stuff with me, and ended up leaving with only one needle in the bag. One of the hazards of using circs most of the time! It never occurred to me that I’d forgotten a needle. :doh: Duh!

If I can’t remember to bring along two needles, how would I ever remember my electronic counter?