Must have needle sizes?

just curious, if you could only have 4 needle sizes what would they be? I am slowly buying cubics, and wondered what others would choose? So far I have 10’s and 7’s…

Sizes 6, 7, 8, and 10 (or 10.5). But really, why stop there?

That’s so personal… it depends on what weight of yarn and what you’re going to knit a lot of. Socks take size 0-3, sweaters 6 to 9. Shawls would be anywhere from a 4 to 11, depending on yarn weight.

I prefer larger needles and use size 10, 10½, 7mm and 11 the most; I don’t have anything smaller than a 7 and I use it and the 8 very rarely. I sometimes use the 9 13, and 15 and have 7.5mm that I sometimes use instead of 11s.

Ack! Personally I’d save my money and just buy the set. It’s much cheaper that way really. Between shipping costs and increased needle costs for singles you may be paying double or more for the equivalent set of needles.

That said- Some people use primarily tiny, some use primarily big. It really depends on what yarn weight is your preference and what projects you like to make. I prefer worsted and DK so my most often used needles are US 5,6,7,8. I do use other yarns and needle sizes though rarely anything over 9.

well, I bought my 2 i have at, she is super fast shipping, so for the two is was about $20, so when i get my jury pay check, i may fill in the blanks…:slight_smile:

i have every size from 0 through 15… and multiples of many! haha… so I am probably not the best person to ask…

but my most commonly used:
7s (I use them for longies)
10.5 (for bulky longies)

15 (super bulky baby blankets)

and then probably my next most used would be 1, for socks

so i am all over the board

A knitpicks or Webs/knitpro starter set is only $20 and there’s 3 needle tips in it and 2 cords. Yes there’s shipping, but not a lot, certainly not $10, if you figure your 2 needles were $10 each. Most of my needles came from craft/fabric stores and I don’t think even the newer ones were that much at full retail but I always use the coupons to get them. And yeah, I have a lot of duplicates in 6 sizes in the middle of the ones I use the most.

I couldn’t select just a few sizes and wanted various cable lengths also, I ended up with the Knit Picks Sunstruck set, some of which I have yet to use but they’re there when I want them. I’ve added skinny circs for socks, they generally are only available as fixed sets, you can’t change the cables out so I get them as long as possible. I decided that in the long run it was better to save up for a while and get the set and be ready for most anything, and as I got free shipping and bought them at 20% off there was no way I could justify buying individual needles one or two sets at a time. Good luck deciding what you want and getting it all together, it’s such an individual thing, personal preferences and availability of funds, we each have to do what works for us.

Since you want the Cubics I just checked… These are a little more expensive because they are unique being square.

The set which consists of 7 needle sizes only is $83.99 so these needles are more expensive than many sets. Your price for two is about right. If you want to get anything smaller than a 6 you have to buy fixed circs instead of interchangeable. I sure they are lovely needles though

Thanks! Yes, I love these needles - my hands aren’t as stiff and hurting, am going to sell my Denise set and get more sizes…

Good idea! I have a set of Denise I haven’t used in years. :teehee: I could sell them, but first I’d need to find that one elusive pair that are lost in a project somewhere.

Same here. My missing parts are cables. They didn’t come with the set but if I pass them along I want to include [I]all[/I] the pieces. I wish I could buy Knit Picks through the Shop here.

i checked ebay, and you can buy individual tips or other things your missing- i have a few things MIA in it too…:shrug:

because of arthritis and fibro, my needle picks would be 8, 10, 10 1/2, and 11’s. the larger needles are easier for me to work with, and make knitting faster, too (unless it is a small weight yarn, which I have done before).

Jan, buying in sets is such a great idea! I had bought about 20 needles over the years before I realized they came in sets. Now that I have discovered Giagoo needles, I wish I could sell or trade all my old needles for a set of Giagoo. Is there a site where I can do that?

I still buy a single now and then, but yes, sets are wonderful! You can try putting them in the Buy, Sell, Swap forum here on KH. Not a very busy place right now, but maybe someone will see it.

Also Ravelry has a For Sale group.