Must Have Cardigan - Finished

Well thanks to you ladies and gents I finished the Must Have Cardigan. I posted a question under Pattern Central about the count being off. Anyways here it is if you would like to take a look

and a close up of the front panel


Beautiful job!! About how long did it take you?

Wow! Just lovely! :heart:

Awesome job!!:woohoo:

Thank you everyone for you comments. Melinda9723 I started it in late January. I had the backs and sleeves done in about a week or so. As for the fronts as for the actual knitting two days to finish the fronts and sew it together. There was lots of “trying” to get the fronts done. Not sure what happens when I pick up knitting needles but something rushes over me and it is like a frenzie LOL I am sure all you knitting know that feeling. I think they call it an addiction :knitting:

Yes, we’re familiar with this syndrome. Wonderful isn’t it?
The cardigan is lovely. Very nicely done and very quickly too. Enjoy wearing it, it’s beautiful work.

Fantastic cardigan. Well done.

Gorgeous sweater! Beautifully done…:heart: :heart: :heart:
My computer shows a deep green color…is that correct?


Beautiful cardigan! It looks like a lovely deep green to me too. Very complicated pattern, have to be on the ball for that one, can’t believe how quickly you knitted it! At least we’ve still got the weather for it to be useful!!

Yes the Cardigan is a deep green on the moss side of life. and thank you again for the comments. : O)

You did a beautiful job on the sweater. I love the pattern, and just downloaded it. Thanks for the idea.

Wow! Super job!

That is GORGEOUS!!!

It looks terrific. You did a wonderful job on it.

Wow! It’s quite stunning!
Glad you showed the close-up so we could see your beautiful workmanship… just stunning!
TEMA :thumbsup:

This cardigan is simply wonderful! I know it’s hard to photograph black! I tapped the photo and then I could see the details better! I like your contrasting buttons! Nice touch!

Just lovely!
Great work