Must Have Cardigan cables

I am working on the back this sweater and desiring symmetrical cables in panel pattern (B), instead of just repeating the cable pattern as instructed, I am working it backwards for the repeat (sheesh, I hope that makes sense). I have only worked a few rows of the pattern, so I cannot yet see how the pattern is working out but all of a sudden, I am doubting my logic as to how to make the cables symmetrical and would like someone to confirm that I am on the right path.

If I am indeed doing ok, I do have a question about the middle of the “X” - the CrF7- what would I work to make the second one symmetrical to the first?

I think it sounds like you’re working mirror images of your cable pattern in the two panels? If so, that would be a really neat touch - shows great sense of balance and attention to details.

I’d make the center cross-over opposites in the two panels. But I don’t have your pattern in front of me, so I can’t be sure that’s the right answer.

Your good sense led you this far… I think you can figure out what to do center-wise. Just stare at the sample picture for a while.