Must be the month for first socks

I finally crossed socks off my :bucket lits" this month. Took a class and finished a pair of toe up socks using Knit Picks Stroll color Stream Heather. Patter was written by the teacher.

You did a great job on them!

They look so warm and comfy! Good job!

Very nice indeed! Good for you!!

Very nicely done!! I love the color!!! What is next on your bucket list???:teehee:

Beautiful!! LOVE that color and pattern!!

Very nice! I like this pattern. A very neat looking gusset. Nice work.

MORE socks, I’m now addicted!!!

I like them and the color is faboo! What pattern did you do? I’m currently tearing out my hair trying to find a pattern I like for my DFIL.

Very pretty color!! Congrats!!