Musicians Who Knit

I’m a musician. I’ve been a performing pianist, organist, and vocalist since the age of 15. For the past 11 years, I’ve been a piano teacher.

Anyone else in here also a musician?

Yes! I am a professional oboist. Been playing for 44 years, perform and teach in a large metropolitan area. :note:

Anyone else in here also a musician?[/QUOTE]

Me too! Performed and taught for years and now enjoy many kinds of music from classical - medieval to modern - opera, etc. Especially enjoy chamber music and even include ragtime and jazz.

Music and knitting are mathematically based so I think it’s not unusual to find creative people who enjoy both.

Yes! Other musicians! :slight_smile:
Jean, I think you’re right about the math correlation. And I think it works with computers too.

Musician here! I’ve played piano for about 19 years and I’ve been singing for 12. I currently teach private piano and vocal lessons and occasionally fill in as church organist in my community. Music is my first love, and when I’m stressed or upset all I have to do is play or sing and I instantly start to feel better. :slight_smile:

Another musician! :slight_smile:

So, have any of you knitted or crocheted a music-themed item? I’m wanting to make a tote bag for my music. And I’m interested in making a piano scarf also. The one with all the piano keys on it.

I’m also a musician. I play Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, French Horn, Tenor Sax, and Bari Sax, and I’ve been trying to teach myself Piano for the past year or so. :smiley:

I actually really want to go to college to major in Music Education. I’d love to knit something music related once I actually get going.

Now, we have a quintet! :grphug:

I love music and I play guitar. I’m not good enough to make a lot of stuff but when i will be, I migfht just knit a bag for my sheets.

I’ve been slacking off with playing guitar. I really should pick it up and get back into it again. Music always seems to soothe the soul and chase away the blues. I got my first guitar for my 50th birthday and taught myself to play. You really can teach an old dog new tricks.

Good plan! :thumbsup:
I’ve been wanting to knit a gig bag for my keyboard, with very sturdy, craft yarn. Just to make it easier to carry.

:cheering: That’s good news! I’ll be sure to share it with my adult piano students.

I played flute until I lost it in house fire, and was a singer until an accident ruined my vocal chords. I’m trying to rehab my voice and teach myself piano. I’m also trying to learn guitar. I don’t suppose any of you music teacher types have any suggestions for getting an ambidextrous student to be able to play piano? It took me years to learn to type because both hands try to follow both sets of signals at the same time. (Talk about confusing!)


PS Anyone else listen to Adele around here?

I’m a piano teacher. If you lived in my area, I would try to help! :hug:

I took piano lessons when I was a kid. What my teacher did was to make us practice scales over and over with both the left and right hands. He always insisted that the scales be practiced with curved fingers. It seemed tedious and pointless, but it helped a lot later on in the fingering on various musical selections. I could do it with ease. One thing that may be fun for him and pique his interest would be musical selections played entirely with the left hand.

I don’t play piano anymore. I didn’t appreciate it at the time, but I was privileged to have been taught by Irving Schwerke. His name may not mean anything to you. During the 1930’s and 40’s, he was a concert pianist who performed before the crowned heads of Europe. He was also a renowned music critic. He lived in Paris and had to flee when the Nazis invaded France. It was an honor to have known him.

I play piano, trumpet and the French horn.:happydance:

Hi from England…

I have recently started knitting again…well I have to, as I have just bought a spinning wheel!

I play the tenor horn in a brass band in England and have not long arrived home from band practice. I am trying to teach myself to play the piano.

HMMM, I hesitate to say I am a musician, but I have played the violin and piano all my life. I have never played professionally, just community orchestras and a wedding here and there (if I even play or hear Pachalbel’s Cannon again it will be too soon). Along that same note (pun intended) some girls dream of and plan their wedding dress - I had all my wedding music picked years ago !