Musical Maltese


Good Morning!

Last night while I was on the computer, I caught a glimpse of Sissy, my Maltese laying next to the Boom Box in the computer room listening to it. It looks like she’s ttrying to figure sometihng out. :heart:

Take a look…

Susan :knitting: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]

I love Malteses. I have one named Grace. Her son sometimes stays with us too and he loves to watch television. When he sees dogs on TV he hops up in the air an barks at them then runs into the next room to see if they’ve run there.:rofl: His mother looks at him like he’s an idiot.:slight_smile:

That is so sweet! :slight_smile:

How adorable!!!

As you can see by my avatar I’m proud to be owned by a Malt as well:heart:

My mom’s bichon LOVES seeing other dogs on TV. He loves commericals with dogs and LOVES watching dog shows. He gets especially excited over the beagles (I have a beagle and we lived with my parents for a year while DH was in Korea) and girl bichons :heart:… so much he won’t eat his evening treats while they are on TV!

Once when I was growing up we were watching a nature program that had some beavers slide down a log slide… Our cat kept looking on the floor beside the TV to see where they went!

My favorite time was when we were watching a show with Chinese acrobats. My cat (Jack - see my avatar) was [I]enthralled[/I]. He sat in front of the TV watching them move and juggle. He tried pawing the TV to “catch” them, but DH stopped him, afraid he would scratch the DLP screen. Jack then went into the kitchen to get a drink of water and then came back and settled down on the ottoman to watch. When the acrobats started flipping spools around on strings he started seaching around the room to see where they threw them too! :teehee:

My yorkie Fortune recognizes the sound of the tv being turned off (our tv makes this doodlee doodlee doo sound when it turns off) and he knows that means we are going upstairs so wherever he is sitting he jumps down and heads for the stairs! I believe cats and dogs are extremely intuitive and humans do not give them enough credit.


This is to Thank everyone for their compliments!

when Sissy hears someone on T.V., a Door Bell on T.V. is the worst. She always tihnks someone is at OUR DOOR! Then I have to show her NO One Is there. Or even a siren on T.V., samething.

I bet we all do that for dogs! She’s my girl. :slight_smile: