Musical gift needed! Please help!

Alright so my cousin has been away in Boston for a few years now and this May she is OMG OMG OMG finally graduating from music college :smiley:

I need something musical to knit her or even any ideas.If I have to I can make a chart.I just don’t know what to make.

I was thinking some pillows with her favorite song’s notes but what if they don’t go with her decor?

She is also a married woman.Her husband goes to school with her and does jazz guitar and piano so I already know I’m making him something with piano keys.She herself plays jazz bass guitar; both electric and up-right.

Not really looking for specific patterns,unless you have them.I’m more looking for some brainstorming help.

I was also thinking since they both have iphones that I could make them sleeves for them with notes on the back or something.

I don’t know if I should do a big project or something small at this point.I just know I am NOT just sending her a congratulations card.

You’re a member of ravelry, aren’t you? If not, pop over there and join. I just plugged in ‘music’ in the search box for patterns and got 83 hits - a wide variety of patterns. Plus, you could take the chart/design off one pattern and use it on something else. Want to make her a purse - just find one you like and add music clefts to the front. Scarf? Shawl? Socks? Here are some ideas:

Aren’t jazz players really hip and stylish? I imagine them all wearing berets.

Instead of knitting something strictly musical, do I’d recommend a beret or a scarf. Wearable gifts are the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright.After looking on ravelry and knittingpatterncentral…I couldn’t find anything that didn’t look tacky!!

I think maybe instead I’ll make them something inspired by the movie Swing Kids.I just can’t see her or her husband wearing anything with musical notes.

I think vintage wear is much more up their alley.

Tacky? Really. :nails:

Music stuff huh hmm, well what about a scarf but do the notes small enough they look like pooka dots from far away or the invisable or hidden scarf thingy so looking at it one way its plain then another way you see a treble cleft or whatever. Other ideas are whatever the name of the school is use that one side and the year they graduated on the other for a scarf. My only other idea is if they have a song or a favorite song that they both love, love song or jazz song or whatever, find the sheet music and knit a blaket with the sheet music on it for cuddling in either black and white or whatever their favorite colors are. Then they can be cuddled up with their song or their favorite song those are the best ideas I have off the top of my head.

Personally I’m a lover of knitted blankets, especially super personalized ones like that.

I haven’t the foggest how you’d knit a sheet music blanket but if you do good luck and for sure post pics.

As a musician and a knitter, I think something subdued yet still related to music would be great.

The single eighth note would look nice and elegant maybe offset toward one corner of a pillow. Maybe even ‘hidden’ in a neat intarsia border? I’m thinking of repeating interlocking squares with maybe a note in one or a few of the squares… hopefully that makes sense - my brain is goin’ nutso and it’s hard to describe the pictures in there ;o)

My nephew started out as a music major in college and I knit him a tote bag to carry his music in with a huge treble clef on it. I will see if I can track down the pattern.