Music to knit by

Today I found the most perfect music to knit by! My mom had this CD playing in the family room. I was determined to do some homework, but I’m telling you that music was just too irresistable. So I plopped down a big comfy chair and knit and knit and knit to the sound of the Blue Ridge Mountains until the CD finally finished. It was soooo relaxing :mrgreen:

Do yall have any favorite knittin’ music? and I hope this topic is considered general knitting…

Music to knit by. Hmmm. Let’s see.

I play the Celtic Harp, so folk harp music and all sorts of Irish/Scottish music. And I play in an English Contra-Dance Band, so that totally happy sort of music as well - all are favs.

And I play the fiddle - not only Celtic and English Dance tunes [includes Morris Dance music!] but I’m also starting to enjoy the old timey Bluegrass fiddling tunes.

Need more??

Dot :wink:

and knitting, I would fall asleep! :slight_smile:

I prefer some Ozzy, Manson, My Chemical Romance… :aww:

i listen to knitting podcasts, like the KnitPicks one, but I will try something like that, ok?

Sophie Zelmani!

Schubert lieder, Rachmaninov concerti, Liszt etudes, and the Beatles:thumbsup: It makes knitting a really inspiring, semi-self-indulegent time to appreciate the finer things in life.

If I’m charity knitting or knitting for friends, I usually have some style of worship music on, and I center my thoughts around spiritual relationships and prayer for the person I’m knitting for.

General knitting though, it’s all about the best of classical music and my Beatles :smiley:

I like listening to Wait Wait don’t tell me or This American Life both on NPR. SOmetimes I listen onthe podcast versions. I tried a book on tape once. I didn’t like the book thought. I liked knitting with it though. I like listening to voices while knitting. Like watching movies or TV. It keeps both sides of my brain busy.

Strangely, Dara O’Briain comedy pieces (His Catholic/Protestant mixed marriage skit is the best!) or Brad Paisley, Shania Twain and Celtic Woman. All played on youtube.

Listening to book on tape is a good idea! I always get so frusterated when I can’t read my books while I knit…

I mostly knit to the TV. When I knit on the bus, I use my iPod and it is filled with a huge variety of things, from Aaron Copeland to Frank Zappa and My Chemical Romance. My daughter loads it for me from time to time and puts many surprises on there for me.

I do the same thing. I generally listen to audiobooks while I’m knitting, but if I’m doing something more complex or something I’m struggling with, I’ll switch to music so I don’t miss too much of the story. I’ve also gotten into the KnitPicks podcast, but that only comes out once a week or so. I usually pick audiobooks I’ve already read so that it doesn’t take too much concentration to follow along. But I really need the brain stimulation. I get bored too easily (unless it’s complex knitting) if I’m just listening to music.

When I do listen to music, it’s just whatever I’m into at the time and what suits my mood. Like right now I’m really into Feist, Hellogoodbye, Imogen Heap, Belle and Sebastian, Kanye West, and Shiny Toy Guns. I’ve also really gotten hooked on my friend’s band from when he was in college in South Africa–they were seriously good and it’s kind of that ethereal, Tori-Amos-type style. They actually had a #1 hit over there.

If I’m in a “softer” mood, I switch to jazz like Cassandra Wilson, Nina Simone, Dave Brubeck, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk, and Branford Marsalis. Or Motown. I LOVE Motown!

If I’m all revved up, I switch to late '90s/early '00s Euro-house. :slight_smile: I know, I’m weird. I have really random taste in music

If you need “chill” music to inspire you, I really like Phil Keaggy. He has a series called “Music to Paint By” that is fantastic. Acoustical scetches is nice as well.

Of course at my house that would be ideal music (along with cup of tea or coffee) But the music I normally knit to is the laughter and playing sounds of my kids or Laurie Berkner or the Wiggles!:blush:

I usually listen to audiobooks but my tape player is being mean :grr: and I haven’t got any on CD at the moment so I’ve been listening to Mary Cahpin Carpenter. Listening to something fast and loud is good for cleaning and power knitting :slight_smile:

Depends on my mood, could be anything from Mozart to Stevie Nicks to Jethro Tull.

If I’m not watching a movie with my DH, then it’s Jars of Clay, or a ministry tape, or any one of the 1,000’s of CD and tapes that we have. We’ve been collecting together since 1972. A LONG time! We have a lot of what Mason listed, Neil Young, Laurie McKennet,etc. And let’s not forget several dozen Celtic CD’s. Can’t go without those.

If i’m doing “mindless” knitting, then anything goes!

However, something more complicated and I have trouble listening to myself breathe whilst I knit!!!