Music related patterns?

Hey everyone! I’ve been searching all over the place, and it’s really hard for my to find music related patterns, especially piano/keyboard related things. I’ve found these two:
and I really want to make a musical or piano purse. I love both of these but I’m wondering if anyone knows of any other great patterns before I make my decision. Let me know :smiley:

Felted bag

Ooooh, it’s beautiful!

Jints…that is one lovely theme bag!

redheadrachel…the elann one is being discussed on another thread…mainly the issue of the white section not felting properly. I think the issue was ensuring you buy yarn that hasn’t been bleached so purchase yarn that advises hand washing and then make sure you do a swatch and see how it felts before making the item up.

I have seen washcloths with a music note on them, but I don’t have the link…

music note washcloth

[FONT=“Georgia”]Here is a piano keyboard graphed out in solid black and white:[/FONT]

If you want me to, I can re-graph it on my own paper so you can distinguish the individual stitches easier, but that may take awhile as I’m kind of busy right now.[/FONT] :slight_smile:

I found this - it’s a black and white striped scarf with a keyboard in Illusion Knitting!

Counterpoint is a fun knit. I’m currently working on it for my daughter for Christmas.

WOW! I love the tote at the elan website…thanks for the heads up on the white yarn…I had heard that somewhere before. That bag would be fabulous to carry my percussion equipment around in!!!

how about this

I don’t have any ideas for you, sorry, but just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE that ‘Ode to Joy’ bag! :slight_smile: I might have to do that one!

Yeah, it’s great! That’s the one I decided to make and I absolutely LOVE it!

Yeah, it’s great! That’s the one I decided to make and I absolutely LOVE it!