Music question

Hi… I know I could research this but I’m sure some of you will already know and thus may help me more quickly.

In a concert, what is the name of a piece of music that you hear that leads up to the main section of music…and then the finishing piece?

I’ve probably phrased that badly but concert music I’ve often thought of in terms of courses (like meals) and I’m trying to think of the names of each section…like…the prologue, the main and the postscript (in literary terms).

Anyone know the three names?

the overture??

Do you mean a prelude?

Ahh…prelude and overture…thank you! On that basis I should be able to look up the others I think. Funny when a word simply won’t come to you at all.

In church services and weddings, the last music played is called the postlude.

Doublereeder2…thanks for that! That’s a new term for me.

I must admit…I used to quickly look at your nick and thought it said “double breeder”. I hesitated to wonder what that actually meant :rofl:


did you play the bassoon, oboe or cor anglais? just wondering because of your nick…

Oboe, cor and d’amore. Freelancer and teacher. And trying to be a knitter… :slight_smile:

oh,…thats nice. btw, im playing the french horn and picking up drums now…

im new to the forum, but i’ve been knitting for quite some time… so, nice to meet y’all~