Murder mystery night

I and a couple of freinds have organised a big medieval themed murder mystery evening for Sunday. We have spent ages wrting the parts and the plot and distributing posters and fliers trying to get people to buy tickets. For some reason uptake of pre-paid tickets just hasn’t been as good as we thought and we are now relying on all the people who said they would like to come actually turning up on the night Crossed Fingers :pray:

I realy looking forward to it because it should be good fun for everybody but im so worried that it will not work out or there just won’t be enough people.

stress stress stress

That sounds like fun…

I want to do that with my Girl Guides! I just have to find the right tools…

Anyway…Hope it all works out for you!

Sophie, sounds like a great time! If I lived near you, I’d go.


That sounds like so much fun! Good luck