Mumm yarn at JoAnn's

Anyone knitted with this? What do you think? How would you rate it Thanks in advance!

I’m interested in knowing as well.

Here’s a review on it

Really wasn’t much info there. I wonder if anyone here has used it and has more to say about it.

Is it really called Mumm? I don’t think I have fondeled it yet. Tell me more about it so I can check it out :teehee:

try this link
the yarn is a new ‘line’ from joanns, debbie mumm. there aer 4 (5?) yarns, all acrylic mix. very soft, and coordinating colors too. hth.

I’m sorry, I should have posted the link to the actual review, not just the blog. Overlooked that little detail…

Debbie Mumm has a fabulous line of fleece, decorations, and yarns.
We just had a sale on Debbie Mumm yarns, at our store.
The fleece is in her Holiday Fabric Collection, and makes nice tie blankets, and warm pajamas, to name a few items.
Her snow globes, and plush tabletops add just the right look to your holiday table.
Reminiscence, Traditions, Souveniers, and Illuminations are the yarns we are showing in our store in FL. right now. The illuminations yarn has just a bit of sparkle, to make that knitted or crocheted gift shine!

I bought several skeins of it a few months ago, because I was so excited to find a self-striping yarn besides Noro that costs less. So I knit a swatch two days ago. I must admit, I wish I had inspected the actual construction/spin of the yarn before I bought it. I love the colors (chocolate raspberry). In this particular colorway, there’s a black inner yarn and slippery colored “yarn” that surrounds the outside. While knitting, I noticed these two sections beginning to slip and slide. I felt like I had to be extra gentle not to expose the black part on the inside. In one part on my swatch, about 4 stitches, it shows and my eye is just drawn to it like, “What’s that?” I don’t know if I’ll use this yarn for a garment like I intended or not. But, like I said, the color transition is nice and gradual, but I’m not too keen on how it’s “spun.”

I LOVE the colors that it came in. I got a gradiant yellow. I hated the way it felt like I was kniting with elastic. After a row there was this strange bunching that it did on the to be knit yarn. I’d pull it and it would straighten out. Very strange. It did it on every row. It left me not so in love.

Exactly! That’s what mine did! It would straighten out, but appear further away down the line.

I bought two skeins of it in the black/grey colorway. I loved the softness and the color. But knitting with it was a real pain. I experieced the same slippage as others had. I am glad to see that I am not alone. I first thought it was something I was doing to make the yarn bunch up. After the first swatch I put the yarn in the to give away bin. Won’t buy that again. I wonder if Debbie Mumm knows how crappy her yarn is?

I’m glad I asked about this yarn first before buying it. I don’t mind JoAnn’s - but it seems that I have had problems with some (not all) of their yarns in the past. They have some great deals and some duds - just like with any retailer. (Also, after being a member here, I’ve started to become a bit of a yarn snob at times.)

Glad I saw this. I was planning to take a look at that yarn next time I am in the States. I always visit JoAnns

I had the same experience.

Kinda wish I’d read this before today. I just bought four skeins of it today. :confused:

Do you still have your receipt? If so and you don’t want it, take it back. I bought all they had in the chocolate-raspberry colorway, about 10-11 skeins. I’ll use it somehow because I just love the colorway. While we’re on the topic, has anyone used the Patons SWS yarn? How’s it? Does it slip? I saw some at Michael’s the other day and really liked how it looked.

Here’s a pic of the swatch I made from the Traditions yarn. Notice the black peeking through on the left middle area.

I’ve used Patons SWS for a few calorimetry’s. It reminded me of knitting with horsehair but came out quite well. Here’s a sample of one of the calorimetry’s (I believe this is natural garden colorway):
I too have bought the chocolate-raspberry colorway of Debbie Mumm yarn. Haven’t knitted with it, but now I’m not as excited to!

Though… I noticed that my Lion Brand Homespun did exactly the same thing. And I’m well into a baby blanket so I’m worried. The yarn is getting frizzy.