Mum to be knitting booties for her twins


I am a beginner at knitting. I am trying to knit booties for my identical twins due on 25th Nov 2010.

The pattern is
Cast on 35 sts
1st and alt rows: (ws) Knit
[B][COLOR=“Red”]2nd row: (K1. yfwd. K16, yfwd) twice. K1 (39 sts)[/COLOR][/B]
(On knit row, K into back of yfwd st)
4th row: ( K1. yfwd. K18,yfwd) twice. K1. (43 sts)
6th row: ( K1 yfwd K20 yfwd) twice. K1.
(47 sts) K11 rows garter st.

Shape toe
1st row: (rs) K19 K2tog K5 Slip1 K1 psso, Sl 1 yf
2nd row: K2tog, K5. Sl 1.K1. psso. Sl 1P. yf. Turn
3rd and 4th rows: As 2nd row.
5th row: K2tog. K5. Sl 1. K1.psso Sl1. Turn
6th row: P2 tog tbl. K5. P2tog. Sl 1P. Turn
7th and 8th rows: As 5th and 6th rows
9th row: K2tog. K5. Sl 1. K1 psso. Knit to end of row.
10th row: Purl.
11th row: K1. *P1. K1. Rep from * to end of row.
12th row: P1. K1. P1. Rep from to end of row.
Rep last 2 rows for 6cm ending with 12th row. Cast off in rib.
Sew sole seam. Sew back seam reversing for folded top.

I know what 1st row means. I am confused about what second line means
2nd row: (K1. yfwd. K16, yfwd) twice. K1 (39 sts)

If anyone can guide me on this, I wud be really grateful

Congratulations on your girls!

On the highlighted row, you’re making eyelets. When you bring the yarn forward, you’re bringing it between the needles as if to purl.
When you knit the next stitch, it creates an extra stitch (a yarn over). On the next row, knit these yo’s.

So K1, yf, k16 yf, k1, yf, k16, yf, k1 You should have 39 stitches

Again congratulations on your baby girls. I hope all goes well for them.

Ingrid said it, but you may have missed it. yfwd is another way of saying what we call in this country a yarn over.


Thanks for that.

I think I get it now. When I go back home todayafter office I’ll give it a shot.

** I have not found out if I am having girls or boys. I want it to be a surprise. So I am knitting in neutral colors ** cloud9

I’m sorry I said girls when your post didn’t say that. Inattention to detail. :oops: Good luck with the booties.