Multiples problem

I am not sure how to work a particular chevron lace pattern: It is worked over a multiple of 8 + 1 sts. However, my row is 70 sts which doesn’t work out evenly. How do I handle the extra stitches? I am a fairly new knitter…help!

You would have 5 extra sts, you can just knit them. What are you making - a scarf, shawl, sweater?

Thank you for responding!! This is the bottom border of a knit-from-the-top-down cardigan. Yes, I will have 5 extra stitches. In this situation would you just knit 3 on one end and 2 on the other and trust that it won’t really be noticed? In finishing, the front edges and collar will have stitches picked up and worked in the same chevron pattern.

Yeah 3 on one end and 2 on the end that has the plus 1 stitch; should work out okay.