Multiples of 4 or 8?

I’m making my own hat; nothing complicated. It will be a 1" 1x1 rib, then stockinette stitch for the main body, using worsted weight yarn. I noticed that for the patterns I’ve looked at, the CO’s are in multiples of either 4 or 8, and I would assume this is so the decreases are even. Can anybody please tell me if I should CO enough in multiples of 4 or 8?

It probably doesn’t matter, you can CO in any even number of sts, 6 - 10 -12… For the decreases you would just adjust the number between the k2togs so it comes out even.

1x1 rib is a multiple of two so adjust accordingly for the decreases.

Here’s a pattern for a 1x1 rib hat.