Multiples of 14 + 1


How do I figure out how many stitches to cast on? I have a pattern I would like to knit. It tells me to ((Cast on a multiple of 14 sts + 1)
Note: Due to the nature of this pat st, the number of sts will vary from row to row.)

(Here is the link if anyone would like to look at it.)

Does anyone have a favorite knitting book that does a good job of explaining techniques for beginners?

Thanks so much!!!

Um, wow.

That’s quite complicated for a beginner. Not to say you shouldn’t go for it - I made a scarf, a baby blanket, and then jumped in with a cardigan and cabled fingerless gloves.

Most of the abbreviations and stitches are demonstrated in the movies here - they’re great!

The multiple of 14+1 means to start out your project with any number of stitches that can be divided by 14, and then add one. So you can cast on 15 or 29, or 43.

Although, reading that pattern… I can’t follow it. I’m not a lace fan, and haven’t tried it yet, but I can’t even make the numbers come out right.

Next contender?

That’s odd, it seems like it should tell you how many to cast on to make the head thing. For the scarf it says to cast on 33 which is not a multiple of 14 + 1?

If you want a multiple of 14+1 I think I would go with 29 and see how that goes. 14+14=28+1=29.

What they mean about

Note: Due to the nature of this pat st, the number of sts will vary from row to row.)
Is that the number of stitches you start with will change over the course of the pattern. Some patterns tell you which rows you can count on to have the number you started with, and some tell you how many you have at the end of each row. I didn’t notice if this one gave you any help that way.

Thank you for your replies. I never pick anything to simple. I guess you could say I’m an intermediate beginner if there is any such thing. I just finished A touch of Whimsy hat and really enjoyed it. I appreciate the explanation of the mult. + 1. That’s what I thought, but I could not get the numbers to work out either so I thought I must be doing something wrong. I guess I will give it a try and see how it turns out. Thanks again.

The stitch pattern itself is a multiple of 14 +1, but a scarf would add edge stitches. So the 33 is 29 plus 4 sts for the edges.

Thank-you very much. That makes so much sense. It is really fun to learn how things work. I am really enjoying my knitting adventure. I have crocheted for years, and I have now discovered that I like knitting more.

I think that the pattern is in error in saying cast on 14+1 sts. It should ready cast on 14+5 stitches because the first row clearly shows a 14 stitch repeat with 5 more stitches on the edges.

Thank you, I haven’t started the project yet. I really appreciate the help. It would have probably taken me awhile to figure that out.
Thanks again for your time.

[QUOTE][ I think that the pattern is in error in saying cast on 14+1 sts. /QUOTE]

That’s not an error, it’s for the stitch pattern only, if you wanted to try it out for a swatch, or use it in another item, like a panel on a sweater. The instructions for the actual item, the scarf, have the correct cast on number.

So, 29 is the correct number of stitches to cast on. I can’t wait to get started on this. When I finish it I will post a picture. Thanks again.

No wait… If you want to just do a swatch, CO 29. If you want to make the scarf, you need 33 or it won’t come out right. The stitch pattern repeat is 14+1, but there’s 4 more sts that get worked.

This has certainly been confusing, I’m sorry. I was assuming there were directions for doing a headband and then also the option for doing a scarf. I might try and make it shorter in length and join it together for a headband. Hopefully I will be able to do that. Thank you, for looking at this so carefully for me. I think it will be a fun pattern once I get going on it.

I’m sorry. I was assuming there were directions for doing a headband and then also the option for doing a scarf.

No, there’s only one item; it can be a scarf, a headband or a belt. This is what the description says:

“this versatile accessory can be worn around your waist or as a neck or head scarf.”

To make the item, cast on 33 stitches. The stitch pattern instructions actually do use up 33 stitches if you count them out.

I’m not sure where you are getting that the pattern repeat is 14+1 stitches – if you count the stitches between the *'s you clearly get 14, not 15. If you count the total stitches for Row 1 as listed under Pattern Stitch you get 14 in the repeated section + 5. The pattern as written in no way works out to 14 + 1 anywhere.

Regardless of how you approach it you do in fact cast on 33 stitches for the scarf, headband or belt.

But if you want to work it as a swatch and cast on 15 or 29 stitches and try to follow the pattern, you’re going to get confused because if you work the edge stitches you will need 19 or 33 stitches, if you don’t work the edge stitches you will need 14 or 28 stitches.

The pattern itself says “[B]PATTERN STITCH[/B] (Cast on a multiple of 14 sts + 1)”… and then it’s written for the 33 sts. That’s Berroco’s error. However, you can use still use the pattern repeat of 14 + 1 by leaving off the first 2 and last 2 stitches of each row.

Ok – so you maintain that the fact the rest of the pattern is written for 33 sts is the error.

I maintain that the 14+1 is the error. It all works out to the same result that there is an error in the stitch count.

Fair enough.

If you dropped 2 sts on both ends of the row from the pattern, it would still work as 14 +1. The 4 extra stitches are just edge stitches.