Multiples of 10 +1?

I am sure this is a dumb question, but I have to ask.

What does it mean (when reading a “stitch library” pattern on how to do a stitch) when it says “multiples of 10 +1” for instance? I am unsure as to whether it means ( for, say a three repeat sample) it means to cast on 11 for each repeat, or 10 for each plus one on the end. By this I mean 31, or 33.
Does this make sense?

I am trying to do the “Vine Lace Zig Zag” on page 117 of Claire Crompton’s “the Knitter’s Bible”. I have tried both ways and it comes up with too many or to few EVERY time. I’ve tried 5 or 6x being very careful each time. :shrug:

Thanks for any help!


It’s multiples of ten, plus one at the end! My DMom called and answered my question. Apparently I wasn’t quite as careful as I thought :oops:

Thanks y’all :teehee:

and when you knit in the round (a sock say) you often (but not always!) don’t need the + stitch!