Multiples 12+2?

I want to make an afghan. I’m using a pattern that is from something similar to a stitch encyclopedia.
Can someone please explain how to calculate the size of an afghan using multiples?

*I hope this makes sense to someone :blush: :blush:

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What I would do is use a long circular needle to knit flat. Decide how wide you want the afghan. Cast on about a foot worth of stitches and see how many that takes. Multiply that number by how wide you want the afghan.
That will be the approximate width, and have the total number of stitches be a multiple of your stitch pattern. Make sense?

I understand what you’re saying but I’m not sure if it’s answering what I’m asking. The stitch pattern that I have tells me that it’s 12 stitches +2
I’m assuming that the 12 stitches completes the stitch. What is the 2?
I think to use what you’re saying: I should cast on 12 (or 12+2?), see if it is as long as I want it. If not, keep casting on 12 (or 12+2) until I get to my desired width. :thinking:
THanks for the help.

When a pattern says, for example, 12 + 2, then you cast on any multiple of 12 and then add 2. The 2 is probably for the edge, but not always. You just have to go with the pattern sometimes and then see how it works.

So if you wanted, say 10 repeats of the pattern, you’d cast on 120 + 2.

Well of course it would make sense to her. :rollseyes:

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Ingrid…how long have you been knitting exactly???

I learned to knit when I was 9–just knit stitch–by my friend’s mother. I got a learn-to book at some point and taught myself purl. I knit in bursts over the years, when I was a teenager (every boyfriend got a scarf :rollseyes: ) Then I did a lot of knitting when I was pregnant and when my kids were young. Then I would knit a quick something now and then, but years would go by between projects. I stopped for years until I told my grandson I knew how to knit and he asked me to make him a sweater. That was about 3 years ago, and I haven’t skipped a knitting day since. I’ve learned a lot since then, too.

I think since everything I learned was from books and experimenting, somehow it ‘stuck’. That and love. :wink:

You just seem to know everything about knitting! It amazes me–plus, you post so much–I don’t know how you have time to knit! LOL!

Oh, I make time to knit. It’s the housekeeping that suffers. :rofling:

I have to admit–I’m a very clean person and since I started knitting everyday–the house is starting to look unlike a place I’d live! Today I had to use knitting as motivation (you learn all kinds of tricks when you work in special edu–you just gotta forget they’re tricks when you use them on yourself!!)–I had to tell myself “First you finish the laundry, THEN you can knit”. I’ve never gotten laundry finished so quickly…

Laundry is the BEST knitting enabler. “Hey, I can knit–I AM doing the laundry after all.” A quick switcheroo and then another loads worth of knitting time. :wink: I often bribe myself. I do prefer sitting in an uncluttered room, so that’s my motivation, too.

     Ingrid, I really enjoy reading your post. You are so funny and also very helpful. I can't count the times I've laughed tell I cried reading your post.