Multiple questions


First time posting, long time knitter. I have been knitting for years but I stay to the fairly easy stuff and have not finished a project that I designed myself yet. So, I am kind of a novice when it comes to pattern designing but can follow most patterns without an issue.

My sister picked up some Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino (dk weight) 125m/50g. She’d like me to make a pattern for her baby (due in August). The label recommends a US #3 needle.

My first question is [B]I heard somewhere that you should not go up or down but one needle size from the recommended needle size for your weight or you won’t show off your yarn well in the finished project. Is this true? I have found lots of blanket patterns but they all call for larger needles, like 7, 8, 10, 15 etc. [/B]

I am looking for an straight forward (easy) baby blanket pattern. I’d like a pattern that does not have any holes for small fingers to get stuck in.

[B]Should I stick with size 3 needles and just pick a stitch pattern and repeat it until I get the right dimensions? Plus, add stiches to the side for border?[/B]



I’ve heard 2 needle sizes, not one… but for DK weight yarn, size 3 is a bit small… I usually see 5 recommended. You could always double strand it since you probably won’t find a blanket pattern written for DK weight.

I’d pick whatever pattern you like… if there’s a particular stitch pattern, or even just striping you’d like to do. Blankets are fairly forgiving. But I wouldn’t do a blanket on size 3 needles. That’d take all year.

I rarely use the ndl sz recommended by the label/mfg. I tend to knit loose and my idea of stitch structure and desired drape never seem to match what’s called for. Work up some swatches, with your desired st pattern, and see how you like the look and feel. Wash and dry to get a better sense of the finished fiber. (I’ve done baby blankets in acrylics that were scratchy, stiff and tight but once washed were super soft, the sts relaxed and the fabric was very fluid.)

Be creative. Work the body however you like and if a border seems appropriate, go for it. On baby pieces, I’ve done the body in knit and then crocheted borders using a finishing edge with a satin-looking yarn. (You don’t have to knit the border in…certainly can be added later.) Sometimes a simple pattern gets that added bit of ‘oomph’ with little touches.


I too, have that same yarn. I feel it is for a lacier project. Cristeen’s suggestion to double strand is a great idea. Consider you will need more yarn. Also, the cleaning instructions (label) recommends cold wash, [B][I]no dryer[/I][/B]. Even though the yarn is wonderful, when I make baby items as gifts, I use washable and dryable yarns. I feel new moms want something they can throw in washer & dryer with rest of babies cloths. We want them to use our gifts, and not feel bad if they might “ruin” it. I have a Leisure Arts baby pattern book titled, "sweet Layettes to knit has nice DK patterns using sport weight yarn.

Okay…I am going to do all of the above. :muah:

I am going to try to convince my sister to let me use the yarn she picked out for something more suitable to it’s weight.

I am going to knit up some swatches and see what I think it would be best used for and needle size. I’ve used it already for booties and a hat. Those projects won’t behave and lay the same way as a blanket will.

And, I am going to consider weaving a tape/ribbon along the border to jazz it up.

My sister is fairly nostaglic and asked that I make something that would be heirloom quality. Since she picked out the yarn, I am a little stuck with it for now.

Thanks for all your help. Keep the ideas coming if you have more.

The needle size on the label isn’t necessarily the one you `should’ use for a project, it’s there to show you what yarn weight it falls in. I won’t knit worsted with 8s, it produces a really tight dense knit that I don’t like (I knit normal to loose, btw). So I usually do sweaters on size 10.5 or 7/7.5 mm needles. If it’s DK weight you might be able to go up to size 8 or 9 with it, unless it’s really thin. A nice sweater and hat set might be more suitable for it than a blanket though.