Multiple of 6sts + 5?

Hi everyone
I know this is a silly question but how do I count this???

A multiple of 6sts + 5 = 11
12sts + 5 = 17

This is for a stitch called a pyramid stitch. I always seem to forget how it goes for counting multiples.
I want to make a scarf out of this stitch and want to make sure that I am counting it right.
Does this go for any multiples of stitches the number of stitches plus the extra number. I think that is how it is done.

Thanks for any replys to this silly question. It’s one of those that always makes me hit the wall head on and find that I was right all along. I hope this is the same.


I think you got it. :thumbsup:

Another :thumbsup: here. You got it!

hi again,
thanks to both of you I thought that is how it went but I always doubt myself
:cheering: :hug: