Multiple colour sweater - need help

I am knitting my second sweater, its got 4 colours in it. Its a simple pattern for a toddler sweater. My problem is I am not sure how to join the colours of yarn. For now I am simply cutting the yarn of the colour I am finished with and tying the new colour to the couple of inches I have left.

I watched the Intarsia video and it seems like an option though I wouldn’t know exactly how much yarn to prep for knitting intarsia style. If I don’t have enough do I simply tie on some more? Is there another style of using more than 2 colours for a piece of knitting?

As it is I have the equivalent of very long fringe on the one side of my piece. I am currently working the back of the sweater.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Cutting and tying on is fine for joining colorwork–just make sure you leave your ends long enough to weave them in well later.

With colorwork, you can do intarsia or stranding. It kind of depends on what the pattern is. In general, intarsia’s better for small areas of color, stranding’s good for patterns that change all over the place.

When I do intarsia, I just use a separate ball of yarn, if I can. But if you can’t do that, just guesstimate. It’s no big deal to tie on more if you run out.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you need more answers!

Could you describe your project a little more? Are you knitting in the round or flat, back and forth? Are you doing stripes? Some sort of little all over designs, for instance stylized flowers of something? If you can share a picture of what your sweater is supposed to look like when done that would help us.

I never use knots of any kind in knitting, and don’t know that I could recommend them.

I agree about not using knots in general. Joining and weaving in multiple colors IS an art, which I’m still attempting to master. Here’s a link that has helped me on more than one occasion:

Good luck!

Linda in NC

The pattern has me do 2 rows of each colour (ie. 1 knit row, 1 purl row). I am knitting flat (left to right needle at all times).

The pattern is:

Row 1: K1, *s1p, K2, and repeat till the last last stitch, and then K1 at the end.

Row 2: S1, purl remainder of row till last st., K1.

I am knitting on 4mm (size 5 US) needles. I will share a picture in a bit.


I should have clarified–I use a slip-knot to change colors, and then I undo it and weave in both ends. :thumbsup: I don’t recommend leaving knots in, either–at best, they just work their way through to the front of the fabric.

Anyway, you’re doing stripes, which is neither intarsia nor stranding. :teehee: You can either cut the yarn (leaving a tail, as described earlier) at each change, or carry the yarn end up the garment the next time you use that color. It just makes the seam a bit more bulky. With such small stripes, I’d carry it.