Multi-coloured yarn and adding in a new ball...

I am currently making a head scarf with a gorgeous multi-coloured yarn. I’ve just got to the end of my first ball and just wondering if I should start the new ball by finding the colour I’m currently on or just join as is… not sure which is the best way to do it…
Kirsty xxx

If the yarn is striped then you probably want to find the color so they stripe the same, but if it’s flecks of color or blotches of color I would just start anywhere. If you see that it’s starting with the same color you just used you could just move to the next bit if it looks like it’ll make too big a section of that color.

Thanks JAN_IN_.CA. DONE THAT and looks good, definitely didn’t want too much of one colour or a repeat in colour too soon. Thanks for replying xx

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