Multi button front baby sweater

When my son was a baby I knitted him a jumper that had several almost like bib fronts to it. The jumper itself had a row of buttons on two front sides and then you could knit several different coloured fronts to attach to it. Meaning that you didn’t need to change the babies whole jumper just the front. I haven’t kept the pattern but would love to knit one now for my expected grandchild. Has anyone got a copy of it, willing to pay all costs.

Sounds great, but not ringing any bells. Is this perhaps something you could design, yourself? Do you remember anything about where you got it or the designer, or the year it came out? You also might try joining and posting in the Pattern Detectives group. They might also be able to help.

I knit a sweater like that as a gift when my nephew (who is now 28!!) was born. I think the pattern came from a magazine but I couldn’t tell you what one.

How about this one?

This is the Ravelry link:

The sweater was published in Jimmy Beans Wool in April 2007.
Hope it’s the one you wanted.