Mulderknitter has a new avatar!

So what do you think? my DH is a photographer, and got the camera out for some kitty photo sessions last night. I think Mulder turned out very dignified and a bit on the sexy side if-I-do-say-so-myself!
check out the avatar and let me know what you think!:muah:

meow reow–cue the music–sultry, sucked-in-cheek thing going… :slight_smile:

Cute. Even though I’m allergic to those.

I love it. I think my Elena would Love Mulder!! :heart: :heart:

aww cute , & I know my avatar would love yours!yum. LOL:teehee:

Awww Mulder is cute. He reminds me of our kitty who passed on a few years ago.

Very handsome! I love kitties.

Thanks guys! I love showing off my “sexy man”. I am sure he would love all of your lady kitties!
Jan-your kitty is beautiful-so sorry on her passing.

Mulder is always cute!

:wink: MEE-EEE-YOOO-WWW! :wink:

Quite sexy! :flirt:
Wonder why their eyes do that in photos, pix of my kitties are usually red. Probably got something to do with them being able to see in the dark…

Gorgeous! I love kitties, even though they make me sneeze uncontrollably… :frowning:

Alley (in my avatar) wanted me to have you tell Mulder “Meowrrrrrrr”

Mulder says “bowm-chicka-bow-bow Alley is HOT!”

Mulder looks a bit like my black kitty Dobby (he’s the big lump in my pic with Lucy the forever kitten next him).
I had to chuckle at your “bow-chicka-bow-bow” 'cause since Alvin and the Chipmunks came out, that’s the new preschool catch phrase in my classroom. :teehee:

Oh no! Say it isn’t so!! That is too hilarious!!

Too funny!! In that picture, she is sitting at the counter like she’s ready to be served her dinner!

Oh yes, that’s all my kids have to say these days… and they haven’t even seen the movie! :slight_smile:

I like! :thumbsup: