"Mukluk" Pattern?

I’m looking for a pattern for “Mukluks” (a kind of slippers).
[B]Does any one know of them or know where I might be able to find such a thing?[/B] I’ve looked in a few places but I’m guessing it’s not very common.

Here’s a picture:


Also, although perhaps this is a bit off the forum topic, in which case I apologize, [B]where can I buy soles to my slippers (likes the ones in the above picture)??[/B]

Thanks for any help!

Not off topic at all and you are in the right forum. :thumbsup:

Basically all mukkluks are are warm socks with soles.

Here’s some soles. I want to get some of the fleece lined ones! They also have plain ones though. There are other places that sell them, too. Do a search on “Suede Slipper Soles” and you’ll get a bunch of hits.

Here’s a few warm sock patterns, but there are many out there. Not sure if you want heavy yarn or sock yarn but these are heavier. Any sock pattern will do though.

There’s a pattern like that on the Paton’s website, but you have to sign up to view it. It’s a free pattern, and as soon as I get my ‘confirmation’ email and I can view it myself, I’ll post a link. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!
That’ll be my next project :slight_smile:

And outdoor soles? I was thinking of making a Mukluk type thing but that I can wear outdoors as well? Is this trickier?[/B]

:think: I don’t believe I’ve ever seen or heard of an outdoor sole, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. :think:

Here it is:


Perfect! Just what I wanted! :muah: thank you so much!

Ooooooo I like those, Carey!!

RE: outdoor slipper soles… Maybe you could use this?

Here’s some discussion that might help.

Oh yes, that could work good! Thanks a bunch, both of you!

You’re welcome! Now that I’ve seen that pattern, I just might have to make some for me. :wink:


here are the Mukluk slippers that I found , but I need the adult size.