MUHAHAHA - Yarny Madness

This weekend I went to a family reunion. Whilst there, I managed to kidnap my mother into driving me to a JoAnns where, lo! There was Wool-Ease at 2.49 a ball! I need my yarns to be machine washable as I have an elderly grandmother who sometimes takes it upon herself to do my laundry. Imagine your painstakingly knit sweater of 100% non-superwash wool getting tossed in with your jeans.

The mere thought makes me want to cry. Wool-Ease is both machine-washable, machine-dryable, and affordable for my student-sized budget.

I bought 19 balls of yarn which is about enough for 2 sweaters and maybe a hat. I bought all of their Forest Green and Oxford Gray and 3 balls of Wheat which has rayon threads spun in, I really like it.

But then what should I find when I return from a tiring weekend of outdoorsy campy fun? But a GIANT BAG on the landing. What’s in here, I wonder to myself as I casually peek in.
Yarn. There is a huge bag of yarn on my landing. I look around. Nobody else in this house even knows how to pick their nose with a needle, let alone knit something. Muhahahaha, mineminemine, allllll mine!

Who gave you the bag of yarns?

I’m not entirely certain - a neighbour dropped it off, apparently.

Ohh lucky you! What kind of yarns are in the bag?

Are you curious to find out or no? It could be a secret admirer :wink:

If only…a secret admirer would not have left utilitarian acrylic on my landing. Useful for kids things and blankets, but not exactly romantic…unless my secret admirer is a homeless father. In which case, I am very sorry for him, but frankly unable to date him…

Nice score![/i]

That’s a great price. I really like the colors of the Woolease you got, especially the wheat. I think that’s my favorite color of their’s.

And orphan yarn on the doorstep ain’t bad, either!

I too have recently received a couple of giant bags of yarn and I keep getting more my problem though is that it is all acylic that is like 40+ years old I think it smells like attic and 1 bag has 11 skeins of hot pink another has like 15 balls of bright red I keep accepting it because I don’t want to be rude but it has to stop!!! :shock:

Pass it on to a nursing home or something.

Goodwill and Salvation Army take donations. That’s where some of my yarn that I don’t want is going.

:shock: Wow, that is a lot of yarn! How every cool! :cheering:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

wipes a tear

Great response, lucky you! Have fun with it.

Could you lucky people sell those yarns on eBay or they are unsellable?

mine is pretty unsellable I think it smells awful and is discolored.

Your’s is more… traditional ^_^;;

Good for you, Aiden! I like the wheat colour of that yarn too. I lucked out and once near us in a weird store, they had a big bin of it for 99cents a ball!!! Needless to say I bought a lot of them. :smiley: Now you will have to buy some more needles, unless all of that yarn is the same gauge… Have fun with it! By the way, I have a son who knits, and designs his own strange projects. He makes diaper bags for his friend with new babies! Other stuff too. I like that he’s found it to be so satisfying. Hope you do too. samm the girl