Mug cozy

I gave a pair of these (with the mugs) as a gift (even though I wanted to keep them for myself).

I would have been tempted to keep those too! :slight_smile: What kind of yarn did you use?

Silk. I can’t tell you a brand, because I knit them from a sweater from Good Will that I unraveled. So all I know is that it was silk from China. The mugs were from Good Will, too.:stuck_out_tongue: I like to recycle, what can I say? The cost of materials was about $3 (I used that sweater yarn for a pair of fingerless gloves, too).

BTW, that yarn has a beautiful sheen to it that I didn’t capture in the photo.

Lovely gift ! :slight_smile:

Gr8 creativity n wel done,its lovely

Wonderful gift idea! I love the fact that it’s recycled. Nice work.

I would’ve been tempted to keep them too. Turned out beautiful!

:thumbsup: Great job, I prolly would have kept them :rofl:

Great job! Aren’t they fun to make? I made some as gifts too, and really want to make one for myself one of these days!

I love how you recycle the sweaters into something new! I should start doing that - one way to build the stash without DH finding another bag of yarn!

What beautiful yarn! That pattern is one of my favorites! I made two of them for Christmas gifts, and they were much-appreciated.

I highly recommend it. You just have to inspect the side seams and make sure they’re not surged (which cuts the yarn at the seam). It’s OK if the shoulder seams are surged, because you can just cut that part off. Then you just eyeball the “donor” sweater to guesstimate whether it’ll be enough to make the item you have in mind. Certainly a sweater is plenty to make a smaller project, such as a hat, wristwarmers, mug cozy, etc. I suppose you could also weigh the donor sweater and compare the weight with what your pattern calls for. I unravel and knit right off the sweater pieces rather than unraveling and winding the yarn into balls.

I regularly go to Good Will and buy sweaters to harvest yarn and buttons. I look for wool and wool blends, cotton, silk, angora, and cashmere. Occasionally, I’ll take an acrylic if I especially like the colors.

Recycling (or re-using, in this case) is a great thing to do. Keep up the good work!

Look beautiful! And it’s great that everything is recycled:thumbsup: