Please help. I am knitting Finna from Rowan Nordic tweed.

I can not get the guage with us 6 needle. I am down to us 1 and it’s still too few stitiches.

Is anybody else having a problem getting a workable guage?

What is the ms in the subject line? :?? Try to put something in that line that pertains to your question. In this case it could be gauge issues.

Are you using the same yarn?

Here’s the link to the pattern. You should note that there is errata so they posted a correction.

There seem to be several comments about size and gauge over on Ravelry.

The yarn is listed at 21sts/4" and the pattern sems to be calling for 26sts/4" so it’s not surprising that you may also be having trouble with gauge. The Fair Isle pattern is going to pull the sweater in a bit but not enough to make up the difference you’re seeing There’s also a note about a mistake in the chart that you’ll want to look at.