Mrs. Lou Hoover blanket

Have you seen this? What an interesting story:

I think that would make such an interesting shower gift.

I’ve seen that. It’s a beautiful blanket, but double knit. There’s an area where I haven’t gone for a long, long time. I think I did a hat once.

It’s pretty cool, I think. Double knitting looks like fun!

Kelly’s the resident expert on double knitting. :wink:

I just dont understand the methods used in Var. 1 & 2. Var. 3 is the only way Ive ever DKd. Looks like it would be a VERY warm blankie, though! Neat backstory!

It IS cool, isn’t it?

Lou was a cool chick! She was full of adventure and followed her husband around the world, often wearing a pistol in a holster when they were in dicey areas. The Hoovers did a great deal of humanitarian work that they really don’t get enough credit for. History has given the Hoovers a bum rap. And I LOVE that afghan!! Are you going to try it, Denise? It’s on my list of things…okay, I have to wait until next summer, or maybe after I graduate. Speaking of school–gotta run!

Hi Sara…

Somehow I missed the notification e-mail on this one. I have added this to my ‘things to knit’ list. I actually have some baby yarn around here somewhere…